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Worry less.
Do more.

An intelligent and scalable AI platform tailored to simplify data extraction from unstructured documents.

Hamta is free to try for as long as you like

Why Hamta?

Because it is the smartest way to process documents and extract data! 

10 minutes is all it takes

State of the art prebuilt models are designed to help you get going in a jiffy! 

Explore, Upload and Extract

Use right off the bat

10x efficiency

Near-zero error rate

Fast, intuitive, intelligent and seamless; all at the same time 

Accelerate time to value

AI that learns from data


Scalable. Robust. Simple.

ready to use models

Start in a matter of minutes with industry ready models.

Label data with
the utmost ease

Hit the ground running with a rich and engaging platform.

Train your own model

Unique data deserves unique models! All in the no-code way! 

Test &

Check the efficacy of the models before deciding to use them.

Control your
own data

No ifs, no buts, no quirks. You rule your data.

Stay secure with data encryption

Security is not just another feature. It is our DNA!

How it works?

Document processing – faster
than grocery delivery!


Explore our pre-built models or create your own.

Get going within minutes by using our seamless, ready-to-use models or build your own – it is just as quick! 


Train models by labelling the documents.

Upload the documents you wish to process, label them, and start the training process. It’s easy and instant! 


Get all the important data in 1 click. 

Have fun with data extraction only with Hamta! Whether you are using custom models or pre-defined models, you can get started with 1 click. 

AI-powered document processing

99.9% uptime | 100% effortless